Report Renderers

Reports are rendered to an output medium using classes implementing the PhpBench\Report\RendererInterface.

The configuration for a renderer is known here as an output. The user may define new outputs either in the configuration file or on the CLI. The renderer may also supply default outputs.


Renders directly to the console.

Class: PhpBench\Report\Renderer\ConsoleRenderer.


  • table_style: (string) Table style to use, one of: default, compact, borderless or symfony-style-guide.

Default outputs:

  • console: Renderers the report directly to the console. This is the default output method.


The delimited renderer outputs the report as a delimited value list (for example a tab separated list of values). Such data can be easily imported into applications such as GNUPlot.

Class: PhpBench\Report\Renderer\DelimitedRenderer.


  • delimiter: (string): Path to the output file (existing files will be overwritten).
  • header: (boolean): If a header should be included in the output.

Default outputs:

  • delimiter: The delimiter to use.


Output the raw XML of the report document. Useful for debugging.



Default outputs:

  • debug: Outputs the report document’s XML.