The Xdebug extension allows you to easily profile your code.


The Xdebug extension is enabled by default.

Generate a profile (cachegrind)

The profile command is very similar to the run command:

$ phpbench xdebug:profile examples/HashBench.php --progress=none

3 profile(s) generated:


A single profile is generated for each subject in the benchmark and placed in the directory profile by default.

The generated profiles can be viewed with a cachegrind viewer such as kcachegrind (linux) or webgrind (web based).


Automatically launch a GUI

It is possible to automatically launch a GUI for each of the profiles using the --gui option.

By default PHPBench will attempt to locate the kcachegrind executable. If you do not have kcachegrind you can specify a different executable using the --gui-bin option.